Manchester Lift-Off 2017: Happy Tuesday

A satirical look into excessiveness among young adults


Four young women spend the evening together in a flat, with the sole aim of getting intoxicated. This short is so uncomfortable in its excessiveness, it would be a complete write-off it if it was not for its satirical nature.


It’s nothing we haven’t seen before, the classic night where a group of female friends abuse drugs and alcohol to overcome the boredom or stress or their lives. There is a constant waiting for the storyline to pick up in the hope that all this build up won’t just result in another wasted night of regrettable behaviour. Watching Happy Tuesday became increasingly strenuous as each character delved into the reasons they are not fulfilled—an unwanted pregnancy, a bland love-life or mediocre jobs, all pretty standard first-world problems. This take on a self-indulgent demographic is illustrated quite comically in this satire, as they do not seem to realise they are only filling the loneliness with more of the same.

Directed by Wouter van Couwelaar

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